virtualMag Open Source Warehouse Management System Updated on May 7, 2004
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Contact Jivoin Mircea, the virtualMag project manager, at if you would like to help in the development, testing, documentation, support, or financial backing of the project. Look around this site for more information, and come back soon.


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Welcome to the virtualMag web site!

virtualMag is a highly-configurable warehouse management and control software package which will be available at no cost, and with full source code. The first complete installation-ready release is available for download.

Short history
In today’s business environment is necessary to have information’s as fast is possible, to achieve this we need a software solution for this problem. Internet is an important and wary powerful environment for getting information’s faster and accessible from any part of a globe.
The goal of this project was to integrate more applications that work’s together and to have a unique communication language (XML), this is possible trough a Web services applications.

Project description
The aim of this project is to integrate trough a web services the business functionalities like:
- Administration of Warehouse
- Administration of Finale Products
- Marketing (B2B and B2C)
- Administration of Reports and Documents

All this functionalities has to be designed and integrated to communicate to each other trough a web interface. Database well be at single place and will contain data from all applications.
By realizing this we’ll have all data at single place that can be accessed from any application that implements this interface of Web service like web browser, mobile phone and desktop application.

Full Project description can be downloaded in PDF format here
Or you can see the presentation here.
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